CCL Assessment Suite

As certified CCL practitioners, we provide access to The Center for Creative Leadership’s wide variety of 360-degree assessment tools, with options for executives, managers, team leaders and non-supervisory staff:

  • Executive Dimensions® (aka, “Benchmarks for Executives”) – most useful for Executives and those aspiring to become Executive-level leaders.
  • Benchmarks® – most useful for leader and supervisors.
  • Global6 – most useful for leaders working international and multicultural settings.
  • Prospector® – useful for any professional with a focus on one’s capacity to learn from their experiences.
  • SKILLSCOPE® – useful for any professional with a focus on critical cross-cutting professional skill sets.
  • 360 By Design®  – provides the ability to tailor a 360-assessment for your organization.

These tools are best used in the context of coaching. We also offer stand-alone individual assessments and debriefing sessions.