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Creating Open Space partners with leaders who want to rise above the daily grind and current realities to discover what is possible for themselves, their teams, and their organizations. At Creating Open Space, we believe that individual and corporate success emerges when we create “open space” – space where you are actively encouraged to get off the beaten path, to entertain your curiosity, to explore with abandon, and to be fully present to one another.

Through leadership coaching, speaking engagements, workshops and programs, we create space for you to accomplish even the dreams you haven’t yet allowed yourself to dream.

Through facilitation and group coaching, we create space for groups and teams to transform the way they work together. “Open Space” in a team environment enables members to find common goals, clarify expectations, address underlying points of contention, and build trust.

At the corporate level, Open Space fuels innovation and strategic thinking and creates a platform for organizational health.

In all our work, we inspire leaders to create space for others — because leaders who create space for their own organizations and communities are a great gift to society.



A Personalized Approach

We start each work engagement by helping our clients gain clarity on their strengths, challenges, and goals. We identify root causes of pain points and provide expert guidance to leaders who courageously choose to address them. We help clients proactively prepare for both opportunities and challenges on the horizon. Our Founder & Principal, Carylynn Kemp Larson, both works with clients directly and partners with other leadership coaches and organizational consultants to ensure the best possible match for the organization’s needs.


Exceptional Qualifications

Creating Open Space brings a rare combination of education, training and experience. Dr. Larson is a Certified Leadership Coach and a Certified Professional Facilitator with roots in the academic study of leadership and team dynamics. While earning a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from George Mason University, Dr. Larson conducted applied research with organizations such as The Center for Creative Leadership, the U.S. Air Command Staff College and the Army Research Institute.

As an external consultant, Dr. Larson worked with over 20 federal government agencies on organizational assessment and development initiatives. For the past 6+ years, she has served as an internal consultant at the National Science Foundation, where she leads education programs for executives, scientists and engineers. Dr. Larson is a skilled facilitator who has ensured that many groups, including senior leadership teams, entire organizations, and cross-industry working groups, get the most from the time they invest in meetings and retreats.

Dr. Larson has also contributed to the education of hundreds of college students and professional through serving as adjunct faculty at George Washington University, George Mason University, and the US Naval Academy. She currently serves on the coaching bench for American University’s Key Executive Development Program.

One of Dr. Larson’s favorite activities is speaking at conferences and conventions, both academic and business associations. A sampling includes national conferences of the:

  • Academy of Management
  • American Psychological Association
  • Association of Government Accountants
  • Council of Inspector Generals on Integrity and Efficiency
  • Council of Residential Specialists
  • Federal Audit Executive Council
  • Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association
  • International Leadership Association
  • Maryland Association of CPAs
  • Massachusetts Office of the Auditor
  • Society for Industrial/Organizational Psychology


On A Personal Note

In addition to her work in leadership development, Dr. Larson is a devoted mother and avid community volunteer. She founded a non-profit organization in 2008, creating programs that serve adults struggling with eating and body image issues, as well as launching prevention programs for children and youth. Cary served as the organization’s Executive Director for 6 years. In all of her roles, Cary creates space for her clients to thrive.

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