Expand Impact

You work hard. Your leaders work hard. Your teams work hard. Are you getting results commensurate with our effort and our collective abilities? As leaders, you can’t simply continue to push yourself and your people while falling anything short of breakthrough results. If you will dedicate just 10% of your current effort to achieving more with less, we can change the trajectory of your leadership.

Break Through Conflict

You want the best for your organization, team, and yourself. You want your team to share common goals, respect one another, and harness the benefits of diversity. But perspectives often seem incompatible, personalities clash and emotions take over. Do you question whether you can alleviate conflict in your organization? Don’t give up on yourself; don’t give up on others. When we work through these challenges you inevitably emerge a stronger leader.

Discover Resilience

You’re smart, strong, and capable. You get things done. You tackle challenges. You overcome adversity. Is it taking a toll on you? Do you find yourself frustrated or lacking the passion you once had for your work? Do you believe that it’s possible to thrive in the midst of the greatest challenges? Don’t settle for survival mode. If you will dare to believe that life can be better, we can make it is so.

Creating Open Space partners with leaders and business owners who want more for themselves and their businesses. Our clients expand impact, break through conflict, and discover seemingly supernatural resilience within themselves. We specialize in Leadership CoachingMeeting Facilitation, Training, & Speaking.